Going that extra mile with outstanding childcare

At Small Wonders we have developed a fresh approach to childcare - one that builds partnerships with parents as well as giving children learning, play, support and spaces in which they can thrive.

Parent Partnerships

Children flourish and grow best when there is a strong partnership between nursery and parent/carer so we support you in your role as your child’s primary care giver. There are many ways in which we work with parents but some of the things that we do are:

  1. Keep a diary of your child’s daily activities including what they ate, when they slept etc.
  2. Observe and record children’s development in accordance with the government’s Early Years Foudation Stage (EYFS) which parents are welcome to review at any time
  3. Work with parent’s to monitor development and talk about when the right time is for their child to progress to the next room.
  4. Hold parents evenings
  5. Operate an open door policy with a dedicated room so parents can visit their child at any time, discuss personal issues and read through their child's personal story.

Passionate Professionals

At all of our nurseries we have Qualified Teachers and Early Years Professionals ensuring the highest standard of childcare and education are given.

Everyone goes through a rigourous selection process to join our team so that we can ensure everybody working at Small Wonders have the same passion about childcare as we do. And of course, they are all security checked and vetted.
Each nursery team has a wide range of skills and experiences with each manager holding the recognised qualifications to ensure outsanding service. This is evident in the feedback we get from Ofsted.


Healthy Children

You can feel safe knowing that all of the food at all of our nurseries is freshly prepared onsite by qualified chefs. Planned each term, our menus are designed to specifically to meet children’s nutritional needs.
Babies are provided with formula milk and we follow a parent’s specific feeding routine. The baby rooms have seperate milk kitchens with sterilisation facilities which support parents with feeding and weaning. Spaces are also available for parents who may wish to breastfeed privately.

Space to Thrive

To enable your child to develop to their potential each nursery has purposefully designed rooms and very large outdoor spaces. Each space within our nurseries is filled with targeted activities and resources to allow your child to grow and develop at their own pace.

Our baby rooms are designed with dedicated sensory and soft play areas to enable children aged under two years of age to become mobile and take part in messy play. For two and three year olds our toddler rooms allow children to become independent and creative as well as relax and enjoy stories. To support your child’s transition to Key Stage 1, our pre-school spaces are filled with imagination and technology.

In all nurseries, our learning and development spaces are extended outdoors and all children are given the opportunity to explore the world they live in and develop their physical skills in our large outdoor spaces. It’s also here that children are likely to burn the most calories and ‘get happy’ from the intake of vitamin D.


Further Discovery

In addition to their respective rooms, children at Small Wonders get plenty of opportunities to have a variety of experiences. Our sensory areas in all of our nurseries allow us to create experiences through sound, lighting and tactile materials. Children also have the opportunity experience the world outside nursery from community trips and libraries to visits to the zoo and local cinema. We also have additional lessons such as sports and French.


Small Wonders Thatto Heath
Sunbury Street
Thatto Heath
St Helens WA10 3RE

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Small Wonders Peasley Cross
Sutton Road
Peasley Cross
St Helens WA9 3BN

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Small Wonders Haydock
115 Church Road
St Helens WA11 0JU

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Small Wonders Lea Green
15 Chester Lane
Lea Green
St Helens WA9 4DA

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